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Fee Schedule

Therapist PLC Fee Schedule

Insurances Accepted
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield MN

  • Health Partners

  • MN Medical Assistance

  • Preferred One

  • South Health Country Alliance

  • Out-of-Network (OON)

  • U-Care

  • United Healthcare

  • Aetna

  • Medica

  • EAP

  • Private Pay

Please Note

Insurance listed as out-of-network may not cover our services. You must verify with your insurance carrier whether services are covered, otherwise you may be responsible for the cash discounted rate.

Sliding Scale Fees

Sliding fees are granted for a limited amount of sessions no more than 10 sessions in a 12 month period. Clients must meet income requirements. Please call to inquire and/or apply.


24-hour notice is required for cancellations - if you have two (2) consecutive late cancels, not due to emergencies, you will be subject to a $25.00 fee.


Bad Weather Guide

If schools are closed - the office will be closed. An attempt will be made to contact you if the office is closed. Our priority is safety when traveling to your appointment for you and the provider safety.



Co-pays are due at the time of service and can be paid cash, check, or credit card. There is a $35.00 fee for return checks.


The Therapist, PLC does not provide disability letters, companion pet letters, or letters regarding your ability to work, or any letters that would inform providers of your mental health history. You must discuss these needs with your medical or primary care provider. If a letter is required attesting the client’s needs the therapist will provide it for a fee of $35 per one-page letter and $25 for each additional page. Letters are only provided to clients who have been seen for 8 sessions or longer.

Records Requests/Retrieval

Minnesota Statute 144.292 allows providers to charge a retrieval fee for medical records sent to entities such as law offices, disability claims, and other organizations. While medical records requests will be fulfilled, there is an allowable 7 business days to fulfill the request, per Minnesota statute. Please see table below for retrieval fees.

* When a patient requests a copy of the patient's record for purposes of reviewing current medical care, there is no fee.

Court Appearance

Clients are discouraged from having the therapist subpoenaed. Though the clients attorney, who initiates the subpoena request is responsible for the court appearance and testimony fees, it does not mean that the therapist's testimony will be solely in in the client's favor. The Therapist will only testify their professional opinion and to the facts of the case.

The following sees apply for court appearances:

Please note: A retainer of $1500 is due in advance. If a subpoena or notice to meet attorney(s) is received without a minimum of 48-hour notice there will be an additional $250 “express” charge. If the case is reset with notice of less than 72 business-hours, the client will be charged $500 (in addition to the retainer of $1500). All fees are doubled if the therapist has to postpone or interrupt plans to go out of town.


We will provide a Super Bill for clients with HSA or high deductibles insurance.

No Show

If two (2) consecutive appointments are missed without notifying the office, the regular scheduled appointments will be given to someone else and any remaining appointments will be cancelled. Your name will be placed on a list for available times and you may be referred to another area provider. Please call if an illness or emergency prevents you from making your appointment. This is an exception to 24-hour notice.

Life Coaching Services

What is a life coach and why do you need one? Life coaching is vastly different from therapy or mental health counseling because it does not address mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder. A life coach is a mentor someone who helps motivate and keep you accountable. Life coaching is usually for people who are not dealing with mental health difficulties, but instead feel stuck. They are not sure how to move forward in their personal lives or career. A life coach can help you set goals and map a strategy to encourage you and help you stay on track. If that sounds like something you need call for a FREE initial evaluation to determine your needs.

Life Coaching Service Fees are not covered by insurance. Life coaching includes professional and personal coaching, career coaching, personal and professional image. Can include in person and phone consultation.

  • 30-90 minute in person session: $75 - $200

  • 30-90 minute phone coaching: $40 - $100

Comprehensive monthly packages.
Here is a list of some of the types of life coaching offerings. You can pick per session or monthly coaching packages, which can be tailored to your needs:

  • Personality assessments

  • Business Coaching (Starting a business)

  • Career mapping

  • Initial evaluation

  • Initial session 90 minute

  • One-on-one follow-up coaching session 30-60 minutes

  • Email and text messaging support

  • Phone coaching

  • Between-session “homework”

  • Resume Writing and professional business writing coaching

  • 30-minute weekly phone call (must be scheduled)

  • Goal tracking

  • Journaling – Personalized journal included with fee

Monthly packages range between $100 and $950 depending on your needs.

A 20% discount is applicable if you purchase a two-month package

*Fees are subject to change without notice please call for the latest fee schedule. Insurance companies are subject to change. Please call to verify that your insurance is accepted. Life coaching is not covered by insurance companies.

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