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Emotional Support Animals


ESA animals are only protected on housing and some airlines. THEY can be refused at public and private establishments.

What we offer

Andrew Pisko is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Therapist who specializes in Anxiety and other Mental Health Disorders.

We offer two 30-minute consultations to determine eligibility for having an emotional support animal. FREE prequalify. Diagnosis and recommended Treatment plan

If eligible you will receive two letters - 1 for housing 1 for transportation

SB 1084 Impacts on ESA and Housing

Multiple federal laws and Florida law require reasonable housing accommodations for assistance animals. They are defined as animals that work or provide assistance for the benefit of persons with disabilities or give emotional support to alleviate identified symptoms of disabilities. Previously, I wrote about legal issues relating to assistance animals in housing here.

ESA Documentation Criteria

The new Florida statute sets forth the proper criteria to determine whether an ESA applicant has a disability. If a disability is not readily apparent, the person may be required to give reliable information that reasonably supports its existence.

Various types of supporting documentation may be offered. The list includes a determination of disability from a government agency, proof of eligibility for financial housing assistance based on a disability, and information from a qualified health care provider with personal knowledge of the person’s disability, among other acceptable forms of evidence.

In addition to defining criteria to determine a disability exists, the law delivers guidance on establishing that a person has a disability-related need for the ESA. A qualified health care provider may be asked to identify the particular assistance or therapeutic emotional support the animal gives. As with determining the existence of the disability itself, such information is considered reliable if the practitioner has personal knowledge of the disability and acts within the scope of treating the disabled person.


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