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"For me, being a therapist is
a calling. I am passionate about what I do."

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Andrew F Pisko, MA, LMHC, ITDS 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional and affordable practical interventions and therapeutic  services based upon proven effective methodology and research

Confidentiality, Trust and Compassion represent my core belief to successful therapeutic alliance. My approach is non-judgmental and compassionate.

My working experience includes over 7 years working with children and families both in the home and school settings. I have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of DSM disorders using innovative and evidenced based theory and have also been called as an expert to provide testimony in family custody cases.

I am classically trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Applied Behavior Analysis. I look forward to meeting you and building a strong foundation for you and you loved one's future.


- St Johns University Bachelors Degree
  Graduating Class of 1994
- Capella University Masters Degree in Counseling Education Cum Laude
  Graduating Class of 2011 

- ABA Training in University of North Dakota
  Graduating Class of 2012
- Doctorate Clinical Psychology Degree California Southern University
  Graduating Class of 2022


- Certified Clinical Family Trauma 

- ART-PTSD Therapy Certified

- DIR Play Therapy Certified

- CBT Certified

- ITDS-Early Steps


"My approach is non-judgmental and compassionate."

Nanette Diaz Hazin, MSW, RCSWI

School Social Worker, Bilingual, All-Ages

Nanette Diaz, Registered Clinical Social Work intern from San Juan, Puerto Rico, fully bilingual Social Worker. I have over 8 years of experience working with children and families as an agent of support and guidance.


I have worked with children, teens, families, communities, and residential programs, while serving those in need. I have worked with kids and teens in distress experiencing crisis modalities in the Department of Juvenile Justice for three years, I have experienced working in a Baker Act Center along with the school system and crisis centers.


My holistic and empathic mindset has helped me understand my client’s stories, in a way of learning about them and creating a sense of empowerment throughout the therapeutic experience. My experience includes child abuse, trauma, adoption, school environments, suicidal ideation promoting de-escalation and the use of coping mechanisms. I have worked with families promoting assertive communication skills along with reunification strategies.


I count with additional expertise in areas of Loss and Trauma, Crisis Management, Social Emotional Learning, Positive Parenting, and Mental Disorders. My empathy and compassion when collaborating with clients creates a sense of resiliency and strength that helps clients open and feel comfortable when seeking the skills, they need when facing their healing process while understanding the circumstances they face in an intent for success in their lives.


My approach for my clients is non-judgmental and compassionate, my strength base approach incorporates resiliency and empathy as my basis when treating my clients.

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