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Family Therapy

Into to Family Therapy

Have you envisioned your family in a therapy session before? What comes to mind? For many, they picture tension and awkwardness – perhaps clenched jaws, clutched couch cushions and a severe lack of eye contact. But family therapy does not have to be a cliché version of what is shown on television. Rather, taking that leap of faith towards therapy and repairing your family unit, working with Andrew Pisko LMHC personalized family therapy approach should be met with a sigh of relief and excitement to get to the root of your problems, end feelings of resentment and find solutions to rifts or deep-seated issues.

Truthfully, the hardest part of therapy is getting your family members to take that first step – even just conversing with your family that you feel therapy would be an appropriate next step can feel daunting. Many parents struggle to get their spouse and/or children through the door of the therapist’s office for that first consultation. If you’re in this situation, reaching out to Andrew Pisko LMHC online or by phone for some guidance on how is the first step to getting your family through the door.

Most family therapy sessions involve more than two people, and can include kids, teenagers, relatives, siblings, adult children, or even very close friends. If you’re in a relationship and you’re looking for couples therapy, learn more about our relationship counseling services.  

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The word “family” can have a very different definition for each person, and they can look very different from one another. For example, some may feel that it involves only those related through blood or marriage, while others feel that their family includes anyone who has played a long-term, supportive role in their life. Whatever the case, therapy is for all kinds of family – whether you are related through blood, marriage, circumstances, or life events.

Andrew Pisko LMHC works with families that are diverse and he frequently works with families that have the following:

  • Adopted children

  • Same-sex parents

  • LGBTQ+ couples, relatives, or offspring

  • Separated or divorced parents

  • Stepfamilies

  • Members that do not live under the same roof  

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It’s an unfortunate misconception that family counseling is only for school-age children or teenagers. The fact of the matter is that adult children and parents need help at times, too. Some adults struggle with caring for aging relatives – such as parents and grandparents. Some parents struggle with maintaining a balanced role in their adult children’s lives. Whatever the situation may be, Andrew Pisko LMHC has experience working with families of all kinds, including grown children that are seeking to improve their relationship with their parent/s, and vice versa.

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As mentioned, the hardest part may be getting your family members to agree to therapy. Once all are on board, take the following next steps to getting started:

                  Book a Consult: This can be done online, or you can call Andrew Pisko LMHC office to make this initial appointment over the phone. It can also be virtual or in person, depending upon your scheduling needs and level of comfort.

                  The First Appointment: This will undoubtedly be a monumental step for your family in the direction towards healing and repairing broken bonds or rifts. This is a time where Andrew Pisko LMHC can get to know all of you, and for your family to get to know her as your therapist and helper.

                  Plan for Future Sessions: Just as Rome was not built in one day, nor will your family be healed within the first several sessions. Although you will certainly note progress, it could take many more appointments before you really start to identify patterns, work on a course of action, and see improvements in your family unit. You can book as many or as few sessions as you would like, and of course, Andrew Pisko LMHC will make herself as available to your family and your scheduling needs as she possibly can.

If you’re ready to get started, book a consultation on our website, or Andrew Pisko LMHC directly with any questions or concerns.

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